Digital SLR Reviews: Pentax K-5

Pentax K-5Go ahead and feed your photography obsession with the Pentax K-5. For you, capturing that great shot isn’t a casual interest. It’s a part of your life. One spectacular image after another. This camera is the perfect piece of equipment to help you get your photo fix. With the compact, rugged K-5, the world is truly your studio.

Encased in a compact but solid, functional body, Pentax K-5 digital SLR comes equipped with a host of advanced photographic tools for the easy creation of great pictures, while delivering high standards of image quality, data processing speed and operability. It also offers an extra-wide sensitivity range between ISO 80 and ISO 51200 (when expanded via a custom function) and full HD-proportion movie recording at 1920 x 1080 pixels to expand the boundaries of high-quality visual presentation. Adding other improvements and refinements–such as a faster autofocusing speed, an upgraded HDR (High Dynamic Range) function now usable in handheld shooting, and better operability through an overall review of the design and shape of all components — the Pentax K-5 is designed to be more functional and maneuverable in every detail, and in its response to the demands of the photographer.

Pentax K-5 Pros

  • Great ergonomics.
  • Very good high ISO performance. Noise is noticeable at 3200, but not bad.
  • Very fast autofocus. Rode as a passenger around the city snapping pictures and the system was incredibly fast locking on and getting a true focus.
  • Metering system is very true. Haven’t tweaked this much, but haven’t had to. Light looks very natural.
  • Solid Build.
  • Quiet. The shutter is exceptionally quiet.
  • Image quality. Really looking forward to getting the body back to try out more.

Pentax K-5 Cons

  • Autofocus can be a little slow in poor light.
  • The digital preview button is slightly confusing.
  • Does not come with a screen protector (surprising for a camera intending for brutal conditions).
  • Kit lens is okay, but not the best.
  • The shooting mode wheel lock is a little annoying.

In conclusion, the fact that I’m still praising this Pentax K-5 camera after two returns and a repair pretty much says it all. This is a very capable camera, that I’m dying to delve into and explore. I would recommend this to anyone, but especially those you haven’t invested in Canon or Nikon yet. Need more Pentax K-5 Review? You can read on Amazon.


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